A pinafore is like an apron but better. I just love my Orkney Natural linen pinafore. It has two deep pockets so your iPhone doesn't fall out and doesn't have to mix with your keys.  It wraps around to protect your clothes at the side as well as the front.

Go ahead, dry your hands on it, or pick up the corners to hold things in - apples, laundry, toys. Pocket your hair band or a letter to post so you don't need to remember. You will look competent and artisanal without channelling a crazed Betty Draper.

We wear them all day long. Last week I wore my pinafore under a jacket to the swanky Left Bank restaurant in Larkspur.   Maybe I went too far.

More than a pinny - it's a way of life.

Our daughter, Cissy, in her adult natural pinny
Here's my new L'Apron, created for La Boulange. Yes, I know it's not a pinny - but you will love it too - click here
My lovely Daiva takes a photo of her Orkney White pinafore
See Daiva's daughter, Gabriela, putting on her pinny. I tell the story how I found the pinafore's unique design. Watch the video.
Chef Samatha Seneviratne loves my pinafore
fine Cooking Oct/Nov issue pages 78 to 85
"Photo of me sporting my new black pinafore at our local farmer's market. LOVE IT!!! Thanks, Tricia!" ~ Diane
No sooner had we gone white than an email arrived from Judi, a calligrapher who really, really needed a black pinny - see her photo right.

It was tough getting the black Orkney. I had no idea whether it would stand washing. You don't want to buy a black pinny and wind up with a grey one.

Anyhow, the color holds and I am binge-wearing it. I feel more brooding and Goth than in the natural. Black duvets may follow.

Please, please, send me photos (and/or short YouTube videos) of your black pinnies being worn OUTSIDE the house - in a shopping mall, entering a restaurant, the opera, on the steps of a private jet.

Email is fine - if iPhoto, export at the largest setting.

I ordered your first black linen pinafore. Being a calligrapher for 30 years, I am always finding black ink stains on everything I wear. I'm loving my new pinafore and so afraid I'll rub a hole feeling that luxurious linen! Thank you, Tricia, for my penner's pinny and I'm so impressed with the mitered corners. No raw seams anywhere. What they say it true...here's magic in those seams! Fondly, your newest fan, ~ Judi
Hi Tricia,
This was taken by one of our customers today. Rosa, Stephanie, Ana, me Adriana and Karina.
We are missing Marilyn tho I will try to send another picture soon. When I saw this picture I rushed to the plant store to replace those sad little things near the door. Our customers are loving the staff's new look. Thanks so much. We needed a boost in the dregs of this heat. I covet your sweet bay breezes.
Peace and pinafores, ~ Barbara
Cafe Clementine 227 West Broadway at White NYC 10013
I found these great comments on Karen's The Art of Doing Stuff site - and then added one of my own.
Katie C says:
January 29, 2014 at 10:46 AM
Holy smokes, I was just at the Rough Linen website, and this, indeed, can be a dress-like thing! Yay! So cute and hip and organic and artsy and just generally cool. Can’t wait to get one! And will NOT wait for Valentine’s Day.
Karen says:
January 29, 2014 at 10:56 AM
LOL. Good! You saw. I just commented saying you can definitely wear it like a dress. ~ karen!
Katie C says:
January 29, 2014 at 11:09 AM
Karen, thanks! You are the go-to gal for everything from tools to fowl to fashion. A true Renaissance woman! Can’t wait to try to be as cool as you, once I get my pinafore.
Tricia Rose says:
January 29, 2014 at 11:07 PM
Maybe best not to wear it Jack Nicholson style (something’s Gotta Give)!
A surprise with every child's pinafore
It's such a pleasure to surprise a child with a treat - so don't tell!
Just the thought of a small hand closing around this little doll makes me smile.
From today - every child's pinafore has a free surprise doll.
Remodelista Holiday Market, Heath Ceramics, San Francisco
Cissy models the Orkney Natural linen pinafore. No ties = just a simple cross over,
Andrea Sparrow's daughter in her new pinny.
Thank you Andrea for sending me this great photo.

From Anonymous of sonoma county, California on 10/18/2013.

I can not say enough about my new linen pinafore... I LOVE IT!
It is smart, comfortable, incredibly stylish, and when I put it on I feel authentic, creative and real! I can not wait to get another... I would love one to wear as a garment (they are adorable), one as a smock for all of my creative and artistic ventures, and, one for the garden and kitchen!
I rarely comment on products, but felt compelled to do so here... great quality, style and... fabric / linen is the best!

From Claire of Washington, District of Columbia on 10/10/2013.

I was between the adult and large adult size and went with the lrrge adult. It was too big in the chest so I took some tucks in the top edge. The hips were fine. I love it and use it often.

From Deborah Thomsen of Paso Robles, California on 10/5/2013.
absolutely love it!

From Maria Vulovic Vulovic of Cashton, Wisconsin on 1/19/2014.
I just adore my pinafore, I will soon order
another one.It just works perfect for me.
The quality, color, pockets, easy to put on and take off. I work with wool projects, and
it holds my rug hooking supplies, and eyeglasses, cell phone, clips. It's great!!!!!
I want to wear it 24 hours a day, if I could.
So there, In simple words " I love Love Love my Pinafore"

From Paddy M. of Sydney, Australia on 1/16/2014.

Your wonderful pinny arrived. I was going to write and say it was lovely until I read your web site and realised the level of gush I was up against.

From Teri Miller of Frankfort, Illinois on 1/15/2014.I adore my new pinnie and it is just as I expected. Love the fabric, color, drape and style. LOVE IT!

From MICHELE CROSSEY-WHITE of Bowmanville, Ontario on 1/8/2014.

I just received this pinafore in the mail. It is so cute on. I haven't had a chance to actually wear it yet but I tried it on as soon as I received it. My daughters thought it looked perfect on me.. I love to garden and i also work at a cafe. I would love to wear it over some rolled up denims and a tee shirt in the spring. Also I think it would look great with my Hunter boots! Great quality linen and a perfect color! I will have fun wearing it... I can't wait

From Barbara of Lloyd Harbor, New York on 1/4/2014.

Fabric and construction unsurpassed...stylish and comfortable, a real pleasure to wear.
I imagine I will need one for the kitchen & garden that I won't be afraid of working in, and one to wear everywhere else, without all the stains!

From jaine gayer of claymont, Delaware on 11/22/2013.

I absolutely love my pinafore!!
Can't wait to surprise my new daughter-in-law with hers for Christmas.

From Rhonda Bjelan of Melbourne, Australia on 11/21/2013.

I absolutely love the pinafore. What a lovely garment. I love that it fits us larger ladies. However, I'm tall and I would rather it was longer....I realize there's nothing you can do about that. I'm using it in my studio and am tempted to order another for the kitchen. If I do, I would then request a longer version.

Great service. Living in Australia, it arrived in no time.

I did figure out how to put it on. I couldn't quite catch it by the video and would find an instruction sheet handy.

Definitely a 5 star rating.

From Carol of Porirua, New Zealand on 9/27/2013.

Loving my "pinny"!! I can see another order coming your way soon. I receive lots of wonderful positive comments when I wear it - which is always!!!! Fantastic, quality products Tricia. Thank you again!

I was a tiny bit worried that this pinafore would be a bit big and floppy because I am rather petit, but it is just perfect. It is very easy to get off and on, very, very comfortable and extremely well made and cute. I am very grateful for Tricia's standards - and there is no fabric I love more than linen.

From Marnye Woodrum of Seattle, Washington on 9/22/2013.

Oh my gosh, if I could wear this to work every single day I certainly would! Its just the style I love and prefer: comfort-fit, flow, coverage! Thank you Tricia for making your wonderful design available to the pinafore lovers...I speak for all your fans.

We moved to our rural home just a few years ago and in doing so we have become much more connected to the land and all its inhabitants. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't notice the surrounding fields changing as growing season is in earnest. It seems that almost as soon as planting is done, the winter wheat is harvested.
My pinafore is now a wardrobe mainstay. I have worn an apron as long as I can remember, and it probably has something to do with my French grandmother wearing her full apron. ~ Brenda M.

From Pat of Norcross, Georgia on 11/14/2013.

I love this pinafore. I have been looking for a simple, comfortable yet fashionable pinafore for some time - definitely found what I was looking for at Rough Linen! Beautifully made too! - I forget to take it off.

From LitaC of Novato, California on 11/7/2013.

The cut and feel of this apron/ pinafore has made me a better cook!

From Christine Kuus of St George, Ontario on 10/20/2013.

Perfect nubbie linen and colour! I am short and was a tad worried it would be too long but it is perfect! I wear it everyday

Here's Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff - wearing hers and looking good.
In her right hand: a jar of HER OWN maple syrup; in her left: iPhone - in front a full length mirror -
Although Karen is "petite" she's wearing a full length 'Adult' pinny. I hadn't thought of petite back then.
Hey Tricia,
I recently ordered a pinafore from you. I am wearing it today as I have everyday since its arrival! I adore it! It is the perfect topper to the creative souls wardrobe.
I had my daughter home this weekend and we went outside on this beautiful NC day to do bit of a photo shoot.
Of course I was wearing my Rough Linen pinafore! You requested pictures, so I am sending along a few.
I am an artist and I will be using some of the photos taken in my pinafore on my blog and marketing materials.
Thank you for a great product...simple, creative, character! ~ Michelle W.
Hi Tricia, I love my pinafore. On and away to make sourdough bread! ~ Helen
Most Highly Recommended

This exquisite pinafore arrived in the most timely manner, even with Canadian customs involved....

I opened the package and put it on immediately - and may never take it off....

Just what I have been seeking for many years for my studio, for my life!.....

Beautiful, comfortable and utterly wonderful with excellent workmanship on gorgeous linen...

I am so grateful for such a wonderful product!

KW British Columbia, Canada

Here is picture of me wearing your amazing pinafore! I also got one for each of the moms for Mother's Day. ~ Christine Kelly
Absolutely beautiful Christine - and made me nostalgic for my enormous old black Peke Taro - he left strange puppy mixes all over our neighbourhood! (it was a long time ago). If you ever get a photo of all three of you wearing your pinafores together please send it! ~ Tricia
I am so excited to have my linen pinafore. It's hanging on my wall so I can look at it first thing in the morning when I wake up. There's something really magical about it..I can't describe the feeling, but it makes me feel good..like I will live a long life and it will be there with me. ~ Peggy
This pinafore is exactly what I had been looking for. It is comfortable, practical, well made, durable and so easy to put on. I now, of course, have no intention of ever taking it off!

It is the perfect stylish layering garment and the linen means that it goes with absolutely everything. I wear it to the shops, out for lunch and for all my creative pursuits... Thank you!

PS the shipping was beyond efficient and cheap too

Anonymous of Middlesex, United Kingdom on 7/9/2013.

Hi Tricia ~ Here are my photos. I love my pinnies! Actually was wearing when it was new as streetwear. Thanks, ~ Barbara Bruch
My granddaughter Josephine just burst into the house helping Papa carry the mail.  Amidst all of it was a package from California.

I tore into the tissue wrapped packages searching frantically for my pinafore.  Of course it was at the bottom of the box.  Tricia you are a linen genius!  The bread bags, the linen sachets, the generous sized towels so cool.  But that pinafore is "the cat's meow".  (No generation since my parents' have coined a better more descriptive phrase.)

I am the messiest cook ever.  Actually messy with about everything I do and I hate aprons that tie when I'm on the move.  You mentioned wearing yours to lunch recently.  If I'm any judge I'm going to need more than one of these.  

Thanks for such a great idea.  Bet it didn't occur to you, but now if I'm wearing my Orkney pinafore I can recline on my bed and no one will see me.  I'll blend in completely with my Orkney duvet. ~ Jeanette
Chef Samatha Seneviratne loves my pinafore - Oct/Nov issue pages 78 to 85
Hi Tricia, well I couldn't resist sending some of the photos I took with your lovely products!! As you can see, my grand dog Lola loves them too and my hubby as well while he enjoys his breakfast outdoors. I'm looking forward to getting my next parcel and opening each lovely gift to myself with care!! Best wishes, Anna
Guess who has a new baby? Amy is the wife of Simeon, who went to school with my son, Felix. That's why she's here in my house.
"Amy, we don't have any photos of ladies size 22. May I ..." I grab my iPhone and snap away. Amy's reward is a large (not extra large) pinny - natural, white or black. Decisions, decisions. "Can I have all three?" "Nope, just one, that's the deal." "OK, black, I love it." "You look great."
Fell in love!
From Serendipity of Garden Party, Pennsylvania on 10/10/2014.
I have purchased one, loved it, so I returned to order another, this time in natural.
The pinafore is perfect for gardening, kitchen work, laundry, working and crafting about. I find myself grabbing it much like a comfy sweater or slippers every day. I am so very pleased to have two. So that when one is in the laundry, I have the other available for use.

Rustically beautiful
From Kelly of Xenia, Ohio on 10/1/2014.
I'm a stay-at-home homeschooling mom of four, living in the farmlands of Southwest Ohio.
My husband surprised me for my birthday this year with your pinafore, and I'm in love! It does so much!
Each morning while I bustle about preparing breakfast, doing housework, and/or getting children ready for the day, your pinny saves me again and again.
It protects my clothes from baby spit-up and drool, sticky hands, and messy faces.
It provides a quick place to dry my hands.
The deep pockets keep my phone close, hold my rings when I need to get my hands dirty, and temporarily hold all the little things I regularly pick up off the floor (like toys, food wrappers, hair clips, and other child debris).
It keeps my clothes dry while I help my children shower; it's amazing how much water this linen can hold, yet keep my clothes underneath completely dry!
It makes a glorious nursing cover and baby blanket when baby naps on my lap.
Of course it absorbs any drips, sweat, or other mess in the process. When soiled, I simply throw it i
n the wash, and out it comes softer and stronger than before.
More than functional and easy, your pinafore is rustically beautiful.
I'm covered in style when answering the door or getting the mail.
Something about it truly makes my busy mornings a little more peaceful, which makes my spirit a little more bright. :) Thank you!
Super Cozy
From Dianne Hosford of Portland, Oregon on 9/29/2014.
I saw a woman who works at a local coffee shop with the pinafore and finally tracked it down. I think I am going to be using this a lot! I tend to get real messy when I am engaged in a project, so hopefully this will be my shield.
The Best Apron Ever
From Anonymous of Seattle, Washington on 9/29/2014.
This is the apron/pinafore I've been looking for my entire life. I'm in the kitchen and garden a lot, and loathe anything that is less than a smock that covers everything I'm wearing. My recent smock literally started disintegrating due to old age and constant wear. This was a higher price point than I was considering, but decided to treat myself to an early birthday present. No regrets. I will wear this more than anything in my closet, and I expect it to last for many, many years. The pockets are ample, which is great for holding my cell phone, or holding produce I'm picking in the yard. I wouldn't think twice about wearing this out in public over some jeans and a t-shirt--it's that good looking. Absolutely 100% satisfied! AND it was shipped amazingly fast, I swear I got it the day after I ordered it--an added perk!
Love them both
From Linda Sepe of Silver Spring, Maryland on 9/18/2014.
I bought two: one in beige or natural linen and one in black. I LOVE THEM BOTH. At this momeent I save the black one for company dinners and use the natual linen one for every day. They look grand and wash like a dream. It's the best product i've bought on line in a long time. I found out about them from an article in Fine Cooking where the author was wearing one in a photo. I wanted one and Taunton Press responded with Rough Linen's data within hours of my request. Nice going all around. Thanks for your wonderful product.

I just received this yesterday and I already love it. I love how it wraps around, the length, how it feels... My perfect apron/pinafore! ~ Tina , Oshawa, Ontario

Really love the pinafore. The pockets are perfect for accommodating your lovely linen tea towel (i.e., I fold in a long rectangle, tuck one end of towel in the pocket and drape the rest to hang out of the pocket). I ordered the Valentine heart embellishment. Would like to have a shamrock,thistle, rose, snow flake, sun, and pumpkin! ~ Claire , Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wonderful addition to the Rough Linen line
What a comfy and useful item fashioned in your beautiful natural linen! Also, any clothing item with pockets automatically rates an extra star ( so this should probably be a six star review.)

I'm still debating as to whether or not I should wear this outside the home, which got me thinking---

Tricia, will you be adding some more clothing pieces to your product line? Pretty please?

From Patricia Davenport of Blue Point, New York on 1/17/2013.

Hello Tricia,
I adore my new pinafore! Slipped into it the minute the post mistress placed the box in my hands and have not taken it off!
Thank you thank you thank you!
I am an an artist and I have a feeling every last one of my friends may be writing to you soon!
All best to you!
~ Barbara
Pinafore: Highly Recommended!
I confess that I really didn't need a pinafore, or so I thought. I placed my order because I couldn't wait until this summer when our lake home will be completed and I would then place an order for linen bedding.
I really could have chosen which linen would be best from the sample card.
But ever since I came across your website I have been so excited about ordering my sheets and curtains.
Well, now that my pinafore has I arrived I can hardly stand it. Call me crazy, or just a lover of natural fibers, but now I REALLY can't wait.
The linen is beautiful, just beautiful.
It is a pleasure to look at, to wear and to touch.
I usually wear a full apron but this pinafore will now replace all aprons.
It is so much more practical and so much more attractive. If only it had a few more inches in back I could wear it as a dress. I 'm not kidding; that is how much I love it.
I'm smitten. I just had an idea...I am heading to AZ this week and I will need one at our home there too, so I will place an order for another pinafore.
Please know how grateful I am that I came across your website. Lucky me...Lucky stars. ~
Margaret. Carmel, Indiana
from Seattle street fashion blogger Dana Landon:
I saw Rebecca from way down the street and was so excited to stop her and ask about her outfit and style. This is just like something I would wear: Unique fabrics, unexpected proportions and well worn (loved) pieces paired with structured pieces. We discussed our mutual love for all of these things and Rebecca also told me about her pinafore designed by Rough Linen by Tricia Rose. You guys have to check out this company. You may soon be plotting how to save up enough to deck your bed out in these linens... that's what happened to me when I saw her stuff.
Dear Tricia,

I received my pinafore and goodies today, I couldn't wait to open my package! The smell of lavender filled my bedroom. The pinafore is amazing, it feels like home. I couldn't wait to wear it and am thrilled with it. I love the way it looks, the pockets, everything! It is plenty roomy for me. I am hooked. Will be ordering bedclothes next! It is what all the best beds will be wearing. ;) ~ Sylvia of Raleigh, North Carolina

   We live on a farm in rural Ontario. I love my Rough Linen
    products as I find them luxurious and practical ~ Brenda
I love this pinafore. I have worn out and gone through all of the wonderful aprons I found in my grandmother's house, the wraparound button on kind that this pinafore reminds me of.
The linen fabric is substantial and the pinafore well sewn, mitered corners, fabulous. Every time I put it on I feel like I have gotten dressed up to cook! ~ Ruth, Fairbanks, Alaska
Just wanted you to know I have had LOTS of aprons and I wear them quite a bit -- but this is the best by far! I love the way it looks over my clothes and how well it covers them.

And it is great for wearing when hooking rugs, because the rug frame can snag your clothes and the pinafore protects them.
Thanks so much! ~ Anon. of Rocheport, Missouri
The Perfect Pinafore
I absolutely love the weight and texture of Tricia's linen so what better way to enjoy it than to wear it all-day-long!?!
I usually put it on as an apron but find myself wearing it throughout dinner parties and running errands in it because it feels so comfortable.
The construction and design are simple and beautiful. This pinafore is a classic
Lori White of St. John's, Newfoundland on 9/4/2013.
This pinafore is so lovely I don't take it off all day
Flattering and so very useful
Thanks Tricia ~ Helen of Emerald Beach NSW, Australia
Looking for a comfortable and useful apron and I found your website and the pinafore. I received it today and it's terrific, haven't taken it off and will be ordering another one.~
Trisha of Haslemere, Surrey, United Kingdom
My new wardrobe favorite. Whether cooking, have a project going on, lounging around or out and about. Love everything about this pinafore (fabric, ease of care, design)and the functional pockets boost this review over the top.
Hello Tricia ~ Here is a photo my husband took of me wearing my favorite pinafore. It is so cute and so comfortable - and easy to get on and off. I love it so much I am ordering another. ~ Amy
I think they are wonderful. I am wearing one in the shop. I see you have a larger size now. ~ Susan, Suttons Bay, Michigan
Hi Tricia,  I love my pinafore!  I bought it to protect my clothing while painting. Its the perfect coverup, so stylish and "artsy".  I just attended a workshop and got compliments from all the other artists.  Thank you so much for making such a quality piece! ~ Martha
The pinafore is a perfect blend of sturdy and soft. I'm very happy with it. It's sure to last many years. ~ Jill Dion, Santa Cruz, CA.
I love, love,love it! I was very impressed with the construction and quality of the fabric. I wear it all day long and I have worn out with leggings and jeans.
My girl friends at my favorite vintage shop went bonkers over it. I really like the fact that the pockets are nice and deep. I feel very creative and artsy when I'm wearing it.
My favorite thing about it is its simplicity, it's timeless. I hope to see more apparel in your line in the future.
Nancy Schremser of New Market, Alabama on 8/23/2013.
I've really had time to appreciate the significance of your linen craft in a much more personal way.  It simply put feels like home to me.  I also waited a bit before I put the pinafore to use because it was so beautiful to me that I didn't want to soil it with my ordinary toil but I now I know it's even more valuable in that aspect of my day.  It's become and I believe will continue to be part of who I already am (if that makes any sense).  So, thank you!!! and your staff so very much!  I feel honored to have such beautiful, simple and practical artisanry in my home.
A new and devoted client, ~ Nadia
Child's pinny with Valentine heart - no more this year - the heart will return in January, ready for the big day in February.
Dear Tricia - I have been meaning to write ever since I opened my package from California - am delighted with my linen pinny - I have attached a couple of photos so you can see me at work with it on! I am a potter working predominantly in porcelain and I can't tell you how nice my pottery looks alongside your linen! I am also attaching an image of my work so you can see what I do.  I work here in the Cotswolds and have been working as a potter for the last 18 years having started out in Sydney Australia.

Beautiful product Tricia - well done on your wonderful website and all your other gorgeous linen products.  I will return as the colleague I work with now wants one as well..

With kind regards Sarah Field ~The Duntisbourne Studio ~ Cotswolds, UK

My sister, Norma, arrived from Sydney last week and I presented her with a black pinny. Her husband, Mike, flew in just this morning and had to try it on. Now he wants one of his own. Our youngest son, Felix (he's in the videos learning how to stuff a duvet cover), struck a glam. pose in the kitchen - while son-in-law George (he brought the wine) is wearing my daughter, Cissy's black pinny and loving it. OK, George, one for you too...
I took these photos in my studio today. While the glass of this vintage mirror is less than perfect, my pinafore is more than perfect! Thank you, tricia. While I promise to not wear it while helping the neighbours with their cattle, I will wear and cherish it while cooking, cleaning, creating, gardening, taking photos, playing with our pooch ~ it's going to be on me for just about every little thing in my day!

As you can see, I have read my little card with the washing instructions and will take very good care of it! from Prairie Girl Studio

This photo was taken by my friend, Abby, to show you just how much we are enjoying your beautiful and useful pinnies! Here are our twins, but we have 5 children and they all love and use your wonderful creations! Rough Linen is now a favorite in our household. We love sharing your pinafores and napkins as gifts too!
When we received our first order from Rough Linen, we couldn't have been more delighted. It was beautifully packaged with a lovely sachet of lavender and I knew we had found something special. The craftsmanship is brilliant and your customer service is extraordinary. We will treasure your wonderful linens for years to come! Many thanks! ~ Amy
I received my pinafore two days ago and just adore it! I'm a rug hooker and designer. I work with hand dyed wool hooked onto linen. I also design and hook handbags. Love all things fiber, and totally smitten with this line of gorgeous hand made linen products. Looking forward to adding some pieces to my own home! ~ Dulcy
I love my pinafore!
From Barbara Nordin of Charlottesville, Virginia on 7/3/2014.
I bought one for myself and one for an artist friend. We both adore them--elegant and functional at the same time!

I live in it!
From Lauren Davis of Princeton, New Jersey on 6/29/2014.
I adore it. I live in it. Garden, cook, walk the dog, write.. you name it. And I just bought one for a friend. Can I persuade you to start making clothes??? I'd buy 'em!

Wonderful product
From Joan Stickles of Ft. Myers, Florida on 6/19/2014.
I've bought three black pinafores. I liked mine so much, I bought two more for my sisters. We all love them.

I LOVE my pinafores!
From Shannon of Sacramento, California on 6/19/2014.
Thank you so much Rough Linen for creating such a wonderful product. I am a florist, and aprons are imperative! I have been searching for the perfect apron high and low, but always end up fiddling with ties and trying to make sure they coordinate with my outfit, etc. The pinafore is a perfect solution. It is literally an article of clothing. Unlike most aprons, it so comfortable you literally forget that you are wearing it. I even go into stores with mine on because it is just so darn cute. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone - florists, gardeners, chefs, bakers, crafters…the list goes on!

Get It!!
From Deborah Feeney of Manhattan, Kansas on 6/15/2014.
I lusted after this pinafore for quite some time. Now it's mine and I live in it:)

So comfortable you want to keep it on all day.
From Anonymous of Bowral, NSW on 6/14/2014.
I wear the pinafore in a shop/cafe I recently bought. It's comfortable, looks great, feels great, and washes up beautifully.

Highly Recommended
From Sue of Calgary, Alberta on 6/9/2014.
I love my pinny! Fabric is a nubby linen that washes up beautifully

Incredible Garment
From Patsy of Pacific Grove, California on 6/5/2014.
I received my pinafore today and I think the size is right. But I really wanted to tell you I absolutely love it! I'm ready to start a pinafore movement! What a wonderful garment. I may never take it off! Thank you!

I do love it
From Elle of Perth , Australia on 6/1/2014.
I do love the style of this pinafore. I was a bit shy at first wearing my pinafore, around the house as I wondered what my husband might think. However I am now wearing it when cooking at home and doing stuff., and no one has even noticed! I am a professional cook so do a lot of cooking - and cleaning, this pinafore kind of typifies the type of cooking I do, "refined homestyle" and the way I like to live. I would love to give one to all my cooking friends!

Wish I had ordered sooner
From Lea Anne Campbell of Atlantic Beach, Florida on 5/28/2014.
I just love this. I am pretty small and it would be just a little better if the straps were just a tad bit shorter and the bib part would come up higher, but it is still really great and functional. I wear it mostly around on the weekends. I may be getting some for my friends if they are lucky.

From Trisha Redd of Tallahassee, Florida on 5/28/2014.
What a wonderful treat I gave myself! As my friend Kay says, sometimes you just have to splurge on the things you want! The pinafore is great for the kitchen and the garden. It does not bind or twist on you. It's perfect!

From Frances Nealon of Melbourne Beach, Florida on 5/27/2014.
Lovely pinafore with the highest quality of material and construction. This will last a very long time.

Wonderful Quality
From Frances Nealon of Melbourne Beach, Florida on 5/27/2014.
This was a gift intended to brighten a special person's day . . . and it did!!

Can't say enough
From Anonymous of Stockbridge, Georgia on 5/21/2014.
I was a little hesitant because of the price. I bought 2 bread bags and just went ahead and ordered the pinafore. It is worth EVERY penny. I love it. Love the fact it fits (I'm 2x) and love the pockets and the look. Can't say enough. I'm going to look at some other products. Thank you RoughLinen!

just perfect!
From Amy Duncan of Everett, Washington on 5/20/2014.
olor, texture and tone are three properties that guide my art...and are the perfect description for my new pinafore. As soon as I found the Rough Linen website...and saw the nubby natural pinafore, I knew it had to be mine! Expertly constructed, the simple lines and easy drape make it a dream to work in...the large pockets ideal for holding tools and my ever present rag towel. I'm going on an extended trip soon and definitely plan on bringing my pinafore along...its versatility will enable me to look artfully stylish in a snap!

A travel wardrobe staple
From Tina of Sacramento, California on 5/10/2014.
I received my pinafore just in time for our overseas trip to France. It's the perfect travel piece; I wore it for about half of the vacation, and on the long plane ride home. Everything becomes more comfortable with it on. I combined it with leggings, tees, jersey knit dresses, jeans, boots, flats, and Converse, and received multiple compliments every time. It will be a staple in my travel wardrobe, and will get much use here at home, too. I know it will be with me for a very long time.

Love! Love! Love!
From Serendipity of Garden Party, Pennsylvania on 5/2/2014.
I've been in a perpetual search for exactly this pinafore yo wear while working in the kitchen & garden. It is comfortable, sized perfectly, and I think I had better order another because I hate not having a spare! Wonderful, is exactly how I feel about this pinafore!

Get this!
From Susan of Evanston, Illinois on 5/1/2014.
I absolutely LOVE my pinafore. I wear it in the morning over my nice work clothes so I can make breakfast, pick up snotty kids, clear the dishwasher, without getting my clothes dirty. I wear it at night to cook dinner, clean, etc. It's so effortlessly comfortable, I feel good wearing it, it's beautiful, and highly functional.

Huge pockets
From dana of escalante, Utah on 4/26/2014.
love my new pinafore. We have a small shop in Southern Utah and my pinafore is the perfect shop apron with its generous lines and huge pockets that hold everything I need. cellphone, scissors, pencil, notebook, lip gloss, glasses all the items you are always looking for.

Love It !!!!
From Paula of Newcastle, Oklahoma on 4/25/2014.
Finally found it. Have worn it several times and it just becomes a part of the day. Thank you so much.

From Charmaine Rosa of Costa Mesa, California on 3/3/2014.
Love it! want the other 2 colors now!!

black pinafore LOVE IT !
From debbie c of salem, Oregon on 2/26/2014.
LOVE...LOVE...LOVE IT. Since the natural linen color is all wrong for my coloring...I have been waiting for the pinafore to be available in black and white linen for quite awhile! And whop hew, it is here and I absolutely love donning either color pinafore depending on what I am wearing. They are so comfortable yet look fabulous. I even got compliments from my husband to-nite when i was wearing my black pinafore while cooking dinner.