Rough Linen Smooth white sheet with Orkney natural linen duvet cover and bedskirt


white or natural

twin 80" wide x 118" $140

queen 96" wide x 118" $160

king 118" wide x 118" $185

calking 118" wide x 125" $200

supersize 127" wide x 127" $220

price per single flat sheet

My pure Belgian linen sheeting comes in two colors, just-off-white and natural, which harmonize perfectly with the original, heavier Orkney fabric, whether it’s natural or white. I have it woven to my specification to be the quality and heft equivalent to brands costing twice as much. Don't compare this with even high-end chain store linen - this is better.

Sheeting is closely woven and smooth in texture, in contrast to the 'rough' of rustic Orkney, which resembles traditional homespun. Smooth white is yarn-bleached for strength, without optical brighteners: it whitens noticeably with washing and use. Smooth natural is neither bleached nor dyed.

If your mattress is deeper than 12" (30 cm), you will need to go up a size. An 8" tuck is the minimum. For really deep mattresses, I have now introduced a seriously oversized sheet - 127" x 127".

Why don’t I make sheets in Orkney or St Barts? It simply isn’t wide enough, only 60” - and you don’t want seams in a sheet.

Why I Don't Sleep On (or sell) Fitted Sheets

I make these sheets the old way: flat, and large enough to tuck around a mattress.

I am incensed whenever I have to make a bed with a mean spirited, stingily proportioned fitted sheet – straining to get the last corner down, seeing the sides roll up again like window shades if the elastic isn’t hooked under the bottom.

Once on, the sides too often ride up to expose an unappetising inch or two of mattress or mattress protector.

Part of the problem is that mattresses seem to get deeper all the time: who wants to have to think of these things?

Fitted sheets use far less fabric than a traditional flat sheet, and ‘sheet sets’ not only have a fitted bottom sheet, but the top sheet is usually short. 

Modern fitted sheets and short flat top sheets may seem like a convenience, but the impetus behind them was to save on fabric. This is a cost benefit for the manufacturer, as he is quite literally cutting corners.

The traditional way, usurped by this twentieth century penny-pinching, was to have flat sheets large enough to be securely tucked in all the way round. Hospital corners provide a time-honored neat finish but if you don’t care, you don’t have to do them!

However, this skill is still very much a feather in the domestic cap, right up there with hollandaise sauce.

As you can see from the video (above), not only is it faster with two people, it is almost fun. Try it with a dear one. You will learn a lot about each other.

Rough Linen Smooth white Sheet and pillow slips (pillowcases)

Rough Linen Smooth white sheet and pillow slips.

"Hi Tricia,
Just to let you know that I LOVE your linen. I already have the Restoration Hardware stonewashed linen set, but I can't sleep on them--they're too rough, regardless of how often I wash them (maybe because they're stonewashed?).
Anyway, since I really wanted linen bedding, I took the chance and purchased one of your smooth linen sheets, to see if yours were different. Holy Cow--are they ever! With only ONE washing it's amazing. I can't get over how comfy and soft it is. Now I have to stock up on your stuff!
By the way, I featured your lovely house and some of your linens on my blog:
I'd rather be living in Bora Bora.
Thanks again"Karen

"My new Smooth linen sheets, Love them! These replaced our previous set of Italian linen sheets bought from a major catalog company, which only lasted a few years (what a disappointment). I had wondered about your shipping charge for a couple of sheets, until I received the package and realized how very much more substantial these sheets are than our previous set -- there is no comparison. Really appreciate the extra depth all the way around, too, which makes making the bed so easy; they haven't come untucked once (we had paid an upcharge for extra depth on our previous set and still had issues with the sheets pulling out).
Also, speaking as a seamstress, the stitch quality is excellent, and they are laundering nicely. I have already shared the sample card with others (we have been singing the praises of sleeping on linen for years). So nice to purchase items on-line that are everything one hopes! Very truly yours,"

"This sheet is very comfortable.I would never had thought using a top sheet as an actual bottom sheet.I sleep so much better.As soon as you lay on the linen sheet you just want to fall asleep.The softness is so wonderful.I have never experienced this much comfort in other brand name sheets."Farmington, Connecticut

"The sheets start out with that lovely crisp feeling, and as you wash them they become softer, more vintagey, softer and softer, better and better. Just to look at them gives me joy - the texture, the linen weave - and to sleep on them is nothing short of heavenly… Do I need to go on?!" – Malibu, CA

"I came home from a miserably long day at work to find my first Rough Linen sheet waiting at the door. I stood in my bedroom just wrapped up in the thing for about 10 minutes before I finally kicked the dog off the bed and made it up. These are so cozy, and only get better with time, and the workmanship definitely speaks to the care put into the product. I've never been so happy over something so simple."Catherine of Parker, Colorado

A Rough Linen Smooth natural sheet on the right perfectly matches the color of the Orkney natural duvet cover.

A Smooth natural sheet on the right perfectly matches the color of the Orkney natural duvet cover.

"Just received my sheet in natural! OMGosh! I am so, so happy, and my husband, who doesn't exactly comment on bedding, told me he felt cooler and more comfortable and asked where I got the sheet!
Love it, and can't wait to slowly get bedding for all of us, mom, dad, four kids, get the picture! I grew up in Norway on ancient bedding and never found anything I loved here. This is a dream come true. Thank you for taking the time and interest in being an artist for all of us. It is individuals like yourself who change the world, one person at a time.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Nina and Bobby

"Thanks so much, Tricia!. Wonderful material! By the way, we've been sleeping on our lovely linen sheets for a while now. We just love them! The feeling is so decadent. Soft yet textured. People often times ask me what it's like...they assume it must be scratchy. I try to explain it, but all I can ever come up with is that they are really soft but also textured. I also love the history behind linen. The craftsmanship. The multitude of uses. The romanticism of a bygone era. The casual elegance of it. I feel like I'm sleeping in what we were meant to sleep in! And, of course, it's best sans clothing :) Thanks so much for making such a beautiful, timeless classic!"Liz

"Love. love. love. My husband and I adore these sheets. I was hesitant to buy flat sheets as bottom sheets because he plays NBA basketball in his dreams. not a problem. the sheets are so generously sized (and we have a deep mattress) that they stay in place MUCH better than the fitted bottom sheets I've been fighting with for years. The texture is divine. Weight luxurious. We are lucky to live on a farm with a giant clothesline so I hang them out-can't speak to how they do in a dryer. Worth every penny. love."Kathleen of Salt Point, New York

"From the moment I unwrapped our box to see each item individually folded and bound by a beautiful ribbon with hand-written tags, I knew that I had bought something very special. It was a great experience to unwrap our sheets and pillow slips - the care and thoughtfulness made me smile. Then, our first night with the linen - and what a treat! The sheets and pillow cases were so comfortable. I think the best way to capture how much we love the linen is that on our first night we said 'Good-bye to Egyptian cotton forever!'. We will never go back! Thank you Tricia for giving us luxurious linen that makes me feel so special every night of the week." – Petrea ACT, Australia

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