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My name is Tricia Rose. I found this homespun, hand sewn linen pillow slip while I was clearing my grandmother's cottage in Scotland. It was made by her great-grandmother, in 1840, and was in regular use for three generations.

When it came to me I used it to store lavender. Years later, by good fortune, I found a natural linen with the same wonderful texture and feel, and I decided to make bedding in this simple, elemental tradition.

I wanted the feeling of connection, appreciation of good materials and handiwork which is part of my heritage as part of my everyday life.

I hope you love Orkney linen as I do. With care, it should last a hundred years.

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Tranquil in his design studio in the rolling hills and leafy terrain of New York's Westchester County is one of the most illustrious - and modest - tastemakers in the interior design field: Richard Ostell.
Ostell, an accomplished fashion designer and former Creative Director of Liz Claiborne, Inc., recently launched his own company, focused on furniture and product design.
Richard appreciates timeless designs that are both unpretentious and straightforward, and I'm so happy that my Rough Linen materials adorn the most intimate areas of his home.

Richard Ostell's Westchester house - click to see inside.
"I've always liked humble materials — and I think of linen, though it isn't cheap — as being a humble material. As a material it has such a unique texture and feel that it’s almost as if you can see a hand or a human element in it. This interests me a great deal because we are living in a world where so much is the same and mass-produced." Richard Ostell.

BED MAKEOVER: This is the best purchase I have ever made for myself
After a full year of looking, buying and returning bedding from some of my favorite companies, I came back to the bedding that caught my eye over a year ago. I was hesitant, not believing any linen bought in America would be worthy of this price point. (I was considering buying from Ireland) I am happy to say I was VERY wrong!!
Like so many other people that write reviews of your products, I can't really explain it, but I have not slept this well in years! I actually get excited about going to bed now!
Stranger still...I LOVE sitting in my room - just LOOKING at how gorgeous my bed is!!! It is absolutely stunning! This is the best purchase I have ever made for myself. There will be no hesitation as I look forward to purchasing curtains, tablecloths and pillows from you next. Thank you SO very much for such a lovely, high quality, beautiful product!! Thanks, too, for always answering my questions so honestly and so promptly! ~ Bradenton, Florida

Oh my goodness! I opened my Rough Linen package and it was a happy day! You have made this Southern belle so very pleased. Each item was individually wrapped up, tied up in ribbon with a sweet care label - Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday too....I'm so excited. I ordered the bed makeover; smooth white for bottom sheet and pillow slips then St. Barts natural for duvet, pillow shams and summer cover (instead of a bed skirt). My husband loves the summer cover. When I enter our bedroom now, I just take a deep breath and smile. Our bedroom is truly a sanctuary. Your work is gorgeous . You give a new meaning to " understated elegance." ~ Susan
My pillow slips arrived yesterday - imagine my excitement!
Sleeping on my pillow last night was honestly... delicious.
The feeling of this pure, natural fabric against my cheek surpasses anything I've ever experienced. True quality and pure luxury.
Thank you Tricia, for creating Rough Linen. Heirlooms of tomorrow that can truly be loved and appreciated today :)
Vicki , Victoria, Australia
linen sheet
I make these sheets the old way: flat, and large enough to tuck around a mattress.
linen pillow slip
with a deep tuck to hold the pillow insert securely inside so it doesn't show.
linen duvet cover
choice of three fabrics : Orkney natural & white, Smooth natural & white and colorful St Barts.
linen pinafore
A pinafore is like an apron but better. I just love my natural linen pinafore.
orkney duvet cover
They got it totally right. No superfluous tricks or over embellishments. The natural characteristics of the fabric say everything. Well done!
Abel Villarreal
Sheet: We are Rough Linen converts!
We had been eyeing linen sheets for years, always wanting a set but never taking the plunge. We came across Tricia's site and knew we'd found our sheets. Since they've arrived it has been a treat and we love the feel even in the chilly Chicago winter. We hope to add more to our collection soon! ~ Chris V.
Most Highly Recommended

This exquisite pinafore arrived in the most timely manner, even with Canadian customs involved....

I opened the package and put it on immediately - and may never take it off....

Just what I have been seeking for many years for my studio, for my life!.....

Beautiful, comfortable and utterly wonderful with excellent workmanship on gorgeous linen...

I am so grateful for such a wonderful product!

KW British Columbia, Canada

Pillow slip: Excellent quality and value
Very good size, nice long "flap" that hides the pillow; soft and smooth, I just run my hands over it in the morning and the wrinkles from the night before are gone. Even my husband, who rarely notices the color of the sheets let alone the material, loves it... ~ Andrea
I took the chance and purchased one of your smooth linen sheets, to see if yours were different from the Restoration Hardware stonewashed linen set. Holy Cow--are they ever! With only ONE washing it's amazing. I can't get over how comfy and soft it is. Now I have to stock up on your stuff! ~ Karen

I'm thrilled with my sheets! I travel often to Italy on business and years ago I used to stay at the Grand Hotel et de Milan. How wonderful it was to stagger off an overnight flight all jet lagged and then slip into bed into the cool, crisp linen sheets there!

I feel like I now have the very same sheets in my own apartment.

I have an older set of Restoration Hardware's vintage washed linen sheets and these are so much nicer. Thanks for what you do...

Incredible Orkney Tablecloth

Tricia....I have spent (wasted) a lot of money on tablecloths until I purchased this incredible Orkney Linen Tablecloth from you. It has the most amazing feel and drape.  

I cannot wait to have Thanksgiving dinner and show off my tablecloth. Heck with the food.

I will be adding the tablecloth that layers underneath next.

Thanks for making such beautiful pieces. ~ Lisa

Sheet: Highly Recommended!
Lovely linen. Super seamstress. Delightful delivery time. Everyone should stop searching now & order here. Tricia's unique website was the deciding factor for's warm, personable...a get-to-know feel all around. Extremely good, quality products! (will order all products eventually!)
Allen & Lisa Morrison,Palacios, Texas
Sheet: Perfect sheet
The best linen sheet EVER (and I've bought MANY throughout the years). Easy to wash, comes out of the drier like a cloud. I let it get some sun when I can. Drapes over the bed effortlessly, and it has just the right weight. Soft and perfectly white, I can't wait to show them off when it's warmer.
Andrea, Herndon, Virginia
Bed Makeover: Simple and perfect.
Lovely. Excellent quality, beautiful craftmanship.
In a word, simply flawless
~ Anonymous, Upstate NY, New York
Sheet: love. love. love. From kathleen everett of salt point, New York on 2/2/2013. my husband and i adore these sheets. I was hesitant to buy flat sheets as bottom sheets because he plays NBA basketball in his dreams. not a problem. the sheets are so generously sized (and we have a deep mattress) that they stay in place MUCH better than the fitted bottom sheets I've been fighting with for years. the texture is divine. weight luxurious. we are lucky to live on a farm with a giant clothesline so i hang them out-can't speak to how they do in a dryer. worth every penny. love.
Sheets: My new love!
I have found a new love! I have been in the process of redecorating my master bedroom and bath. I worked with a designer friend who recommended I purchase linen sheets. I was really skeptical as my experience with linen has been quite "wrinkled".
After exploring on the web, I came across Rough Linen. I purchased just one pillow slip to begin with. I was surprised at how nicely it washed and felt against my skin. I took the plunge and purchased sheets as well.
I am in love!
The linen is textured yet delectably soft--I don't know how else to describe it. The sheets are pure luxury! I didn't say anything to my husband. He of course immediately noticed I had changed sheets.
After a couple of nights he said he really liked the sheets--the oversized dimensions and the feel. He told me to hurry and puchase more while I can! That is a first for him! I truly look forward to crawling into bed each night. Thanks Tricia for such a wonderful product that makes me feel pampered every night! ~ Linda
Pinafore: Highly Recommended!
I confess that I really didn't need a pinafore, or so I thought. I placed my order because I couldn't wait until this summer when our lake home will be completed and I would then place an order for linen bedding. I really could have chosen which linen would be best from the sample card. But ever since I came across your website I have been so excited about ordering my sheets and curtains.
Well, now that my pinafore has I arrived I can hardly stand it. Call me crazy, or just a lover of natural fibers, but now I REALLY can't wait. The linen is beautiful, just beautiful. It is a pleasure to look at, to wear and to touch. I usually wear a full apron but this pinafore will now replace all aprons.
It is so much more practical and so much more attractive. If only it had a few more inches in back ...I could wear it as a dress. I 'm not kidding; that is how much I love it.
I'm smitten. I just had an idea...I am heading to AZ this week and I will need one at our home there too, so I will place an order for another pinafore.
Please know how grateful I am that I came across your website. Lucky me...Lucky stars. ~ Margaret. Carmel, Indiana
Tricia - I have been trying to convince myself to do a whole linen makeover. One question: can a duvet cover be made that is 98x98? I have a brand new comforter that I love, but it's that odd size. Thank you for keeping linen alive and lovely. ~ Hampton

Yes Hampton, I can make a cover for that size. Just order a Cal-king, and put the dimensions into the notes - it is too small an adjustment to warrant a custom charge. The cover will be a few inches smaller than the infill to keep it nice and plump. ~ Tricia

Tricia - The Orkney duvet cover and pillowcases arrived today. The cover fits perfectly - easy as heck to stuff (the video helped), and sized just right to plump and stay in place.
It's 11:30pm and I just woke up, because, as soon as the order arrived, I skipped out of work early, went home, put them on the bed with no sheets, hopped in just to get a quick feel, and promptly fell soundly asleep for 5 solid hours on the case and under the cover.
It's quickly become apparent to me that I'm going to have to order the sheets, too. ~ Hampton

Hi Tricia,

These are the yummiest sheets I've ever had. I have never been as pleased with an online Internet purchase. Thank you thank you thank you for your commitment to quality and sharing it with the world. I wish I could afford to give these to everyone I care about today.

I was shocked given the fact that you are a smaller company that they arrived in less than a week. The lavender sachet on top of everything else makes me want to take a nap again:) Happy Easter!!!Smiles and cheers:~ Best/Joy

From the moment I unwrapped our box to see each item individually folded and bound by a beautiful ribbon with hand-written tags, I knew that I had bought something very special. It was a great experience to unwrap our sheets and pillow slips - the care and thoughtfulness made me smile.
Then, our first night with the linen - and what a treat! The sheets and pillow cases were so comfortable.
I think the best way to capture how much we love the linen is that on our first night we said "Good-bye to Egyptian cotton forever!". We will never go back!
Thank you Tricia for giving us luxurious linen that makes me feel so special every night of the week. ~ Petrea ACT, Australia on 3/23/2013.
Amazing! 5 Stars Summer Bed
Reviewer: Myra. Location: Shelter Island Heights, New York
Review: I would have never thought I would feel so strongly about my sheets that I would write a review! I thought about this purchase a good long while before I bought, but it took me less than a week to order more. An investment, for sure, but worth it to us. Thank you!
Emily L of Phoenix, Arizona on 9/19/2013.

Congratulations, Tricia, on solving an age-old bed-making problem! I swear, I once saw a letter to "Dear Abbey" on the subject of who was right, the husband or the wife on which way the "open end" of the pillow went on the bed - facing out or facing in so as not to show the unsightly "contents". Your clever construction with that fabulous flap solves this problem and presents a nice, clean look from any angle.

I ordered the summer-weight white pillow slips along with the sheets for our bed here in Phoenix and they are hands-down the best we have ever owned. So nice and crisp and cool even when the nigh-time "low" is 100F. I also tried them out on the guest room bed and they looked pretty good in there, too...but since I am selfish and unwilling to part with these, I guess I will have to order some more for the guests...

Trisha, like all the the comments I read, I was beyond thrilled to get my exquisitely packaged linens. The package was heavy! And, a tiny bit embarrassed to say, I chased after the mail truck to make sure I got them rather than a disappointing mail slip for the next day.

Anyways, I almost made myself late for work putting them on my bed. I hope I can sleep in them before washing 'cuz tonight I am going to. ?They are the real deal.

They are stunning in their authentic, lost old world quality. It brings back the memory of my first French outdoor market experience after growing up on American '60's processed food: a feast for the senses, and then profound satisfaction! ?
I have to keep going in to look at them.

Thank you for creating something of such substance and beauty. I feel very lucky.
Gael of Ukiah, California on 8/23/2013.

Bed Makeover
Seriously the best quality linen I have ever come across, thanks so much Tricia, I have all intensions of creating curtains were my shutters are and buying bedding in every colour and texture, in fact if i could wrap myself in it forever I would be the happiest person on the planet,

I love how natural and raw it feels yet you can feel the fabrics strength and of course its simplistic beauty and flow.

I totally understand your passion and love for it, and am so glad that you have created this superb product for all of us to enjoy.Have a great day. ~ Rael, Sydney, Australia on 9/20/2013.

Hi, Tricia, here are my linen photos and pics of redecorated bedroom. I love your site. I will be a life long customer and am saving for a new Duvet cover!!!

Thank you for teaching me to make square hospital corners and what a bolster is actually for!! Who knew??

Thanks again, your ordering, and delivery are exceptional. Very happy with the order confirmations and speed of delivery. I knew I had made the right choice as soon as I picked up the USPS box, very heavy Please keep finding beautiful linens!!

Warm Regards, ~ Kristine Vallejo, California

Pinafore Love!
Oh my gosh, if I could wear this to work every single day I certainly would! Its just the style I love and prefer: comfort-fit, flow, coverage! Thank you Tricia for making your wonderful design available to we, the pinafore lovers...I speak for all your fans. ~ Marnye
Product Name: Summer Bed
Title: I have fallen in love. Reviewer: Michelle Kohler
Location: Washington, District of Columbia
I have fallen in love with linen.
This was a definite splurge, but so worth it.
The fabric is so beautiful I can tolerate an unmade made, and they are a dream to sleep on.
I considered buying from Restoration Hardware but in the end decided to support an American made artisan.
I am so happy I did, and I will be a returning customer. :)
Dear Tricia,

I received my pinafore and goodies today! I couldn't wait to open my package! The smell of lavender filled my bedroom. The pinafore is amazing, it feels like home. I couldn't wait to wear it and am thrilled with it. I love the way it looks, the pockets, everything! It is plenty roomy for me. I am hooked. Will be ordering bedclothes next! It is what all the best beds will be wearing. ;)

Sylvia in Raleigh

Dear Tricia,

I am so happy that a random internet search for sheets made in the USA led me to you! As I am sure you know, the Sonoran Desert here in Arizona can be rather a rough climate to sleep in during the summer months, even with modern conveniences like air conditioning.

I am an interior designer and know a thing or two about fibers and their applications. Intrigued by the durability and moisture-wicking properties of linen (and the obviously beautiful quality of your sheets from the site photos) I ordered a set of summer-weight white for our bed and- oh, my! They are just gorgeous!

My husband, who is always "too hot" in the summer months, still can't get over how he no longer wakes up sweating in the middle of the night, and they get softer with each wash.

Thanks for making such a beautiful product and pricing it so reasonably for the quality.

I definitely see a reorder in my future..

Emily L of Phoenix, Arizona on 9/19/2013

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